New Release E3 2018 LucidSound LS31, LS41 Gaming Headsets

LucidSound LS41 E3 2018 LucidSound LS31, LS41 Gaming Headsets

LucidSound made a huge announcement that they’d be unveiling not one but two new headsets at E3. Meet, E3 2018 LucidSound LS31 and LS41 Gaming Headsets.

New Release E3 2018 LucidSound LS31, LS41 Gaming Headsets

Both LucidSound LS31 and LS41 are based off of their previous renditions, the popular LS30 and LS40. The new models improve upon their previous makes in both build, design, and sound quality. The LS31 and LS41 both feature redesigned oval-shaped ear cups for premium sound isolation. The headbands and ear cushions are padded for superior comfort for extended gaming sessions. Both headsets feature boom mics with improved pick up accuracy and durable connectors. The drivers have been further optimized to provide a high quality listening experience with amplification and less distortion. Both wireless headsets are designed for use with Xbox One, Playstation, and PS4.

E3 2018 LucidSound LS31

The difference between the two, color aside is in some of the finer features. LucidSound LS31 while is built in a comfortable frame and provides superior audio quality, the LS41 DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound to be exact. It also supports a 20 hour battery life for super long gaming sessions. The LS41 is also equipped with an improved USB transmitter design which is now flexible, allowing for much improved placement when connecting to the host console.

AS of yet, there is no information on the price or availability, but we will be sure to keep you updated.

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