Smooth and Warm – Final Audio E5000 Review

Best Earphones Final Audio E5000

I am a huge fan of Final Audio’s E series earphones. They always have a sense of quality and attention to detail that surpasses their reasonable prices. So when I received the Final Audio E5000, I was extremely curious and excited to hear them. Their price is more than the others in the line at $279. So how does this price align with the earphone’s quality? Today I’ll find out with this Final Audio E5000 review.

Smooth and Warm – Final Audio E5000 Review

In the Box – Final Audio E5000 Review

-Final Audio E5000 Earphones

-Detachable audio cable (with 3.5 mm connector)

-Eartips (ss, s, m, ll)



-Carrying case

Specifications – Final Audio E5000 Review

-Driver: 6.3 mm dynamic driver

-Impedance: 14 ohms

-Sensitivity: 93 dB/mW

-Connector: MMCX

Design – Final Audio E5000 Review

Comfort and Fit

The Final Audio E5000 earphones follows the tradition in the Final Audio world of having a simple, classy, and minimalist design. The driver housings are narrow and smaller, so they fit quite naturally in the ear. Additionally, the earphones are light, so once they’re in place, it is easy to forget they are there. I love that Final Audio included ear hooks into this earphone design because it helps make them fit even more securely. The cable is beautiful, with what seems to be a litz-style design.It is light and thin and a good length at 1.2 m. Overall, the earphones are comfortable and fit well in my ears!

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The Final Audio E5000 has durability driver housings made of stainless steel with a mirror finish. Additionally, the detachable cable design contributes to further durability because it is replaceable. One could even use a third party cable!

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Sound – Final Audio E5000 Review

Low Frequencies

The low frequencies are soft and pillowy, but elevated and solid. This big softness is easy to hear when I was listening to the song Listening In by Dr.Dog. The song starts out with a simple kick and snare pattern along with a shaker and guitar. The kick drum is powerful and round. I heard a lot of sub energy as well, but it was smooth and sustained.

Middle Frequencies

The midrange of the Final Audio E5000 is warm and smooth. There is still a sense of liveliness because of the quickness as well. As a result, these earphones have a wonderful sense of warm musicality without compromising on detail. I heard this phenomenon in particular, when I was listening to the song El Zapateado by Las Cafeteras.The song opens up with knocking on a box trading back and forth with acoustic guitars. Then the whole full band comes in with guitars, ukuleles, percussion, and vocals. The E5000 catches all those quick transient movements but maintains a sense of mellow smoothness which lets the vocal stand out above all that midrange information.

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High Frequencies

The high frequencies of the Final Audio E5000 are clear and smooth. They are modest, and while the detail is present, the earphones are darker than I was expecting. This is noticeable when I was listening to the song Here We Go Again by Ray Charles (which features Norah Jones). Usually, the snare brushes and high hat work are sparkly and on top, but with the E5000 that have a soft veil of smoothness over them so they sit a little further in the mix. However, when the organ solo starts, the snap of the snare returns, and the quick transient gives the earphones a sense of depth and detail.


The soundstage of the Final Audio E5000  has wonderful height because of the high frequency extension and big smooth midrange. For example, when I was listening to the song Alone and I by Herbie Hancock, closing my eyes really made the delicate cymbal taps sound high above my forehead and back in space toward the middle of my head. Meanwhile, when the standup bass would hit particularly low notes, it would seem to come from down near my chest.

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Overview – Final Audio E5000 Review

Overall, the Final Audio E5000 has a warm, smooth sound. For those that enjoy old, bright recordings, you’ll love these. If the natural and musical sound doesn’t get you, then the fit and high quality materials are sure to!

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