Merging Elegance and Strength- Final Audio Sonorous VIII Review

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Final Audio… a company that prides itself on high quality and classy products. On their website, they proclaim their products are designed with this concept in mind: “the comprehensive pursuit of things that are fundamentally right”. And boy, oh, boy is the Sonorous VIII right. Let me explain my exaltation with this Final Audio Sonorous VIII headphone review.

Merging Elegance and Strength-  Final Audio Sonorous VIII Headphone Review

In the Box – Final Audio Sonorous VIII Headphone Review

-Final Audio Sonorous VIII

-2 detachable audio cables (one short and one long)

-storage box


Specifications – Final Audio Sonorous VIII Headphone Review

-driver: 50 mm

-sensitivity: 105 dB

-impedance: 16 ohms

-weight: 490 g

Design – Final Audio Sonorous VIII Headphone Review


The headband of the Final Audio Sonourous VIII is thick. It is made of metal and has a pretty thick layer of foam which has a coating of soft leather. It has a good sense of balance which makes the headphones super comfortable, even though the earcups are a bit heavy. Additionally, the headband is flexible and seems like it would fit just about any head size.

Headband Best Headphones Final Audio Sonorous VIII headphones


The headband attaches to the earcup via a ball-joint-style yolk. As a result, the earcups of the Final Audio Sonorous VIII rock modestly in the joint. The earcups are made of stainless steel and have a gorgeous golden look. They have a unique mixture of loudness and elegance, and I’m so intrigued by this phenomenon. Although the earcups are large, they feel good on my head. Although these headphones are closed-back, they feel to me like a stay-at-home headphone because of their size. For example, perhaps you want to listen to your music without bugging your spouse? The Final Audio Sonorous VIII will do the trick.

Best Audiophile Headphones Final Audio Sonorous VIII headphones earcup


The earpads of the Final Audio Sonorous VIII, like the headband, are have a soft leather coating. Additionally, the padding is soft but has an heir of firmness which makes the earcups feel steady on the head. They don’t compress too much which helps the earcups rest easily over the ears.

Final Audio Sonorous VIII headphones earpads Best Audiophile headphones


The cable of the Final Audio Sonorous VIII is a very manageable size. It is not too thick and not too long. On the contrary, it is light and moves easily so it won’t get in your way and distract from the music.

Buy Final Audio Sonorous VIII headphones Best Headphones cable

Sound – Final Audio Sonorous VIII Headphone Review

The Final Audio Sonorous VIII is an efficient headphone, and therefore doesn’t require any extra amplification. For example, my phone was able to drive it well. However, I do recommend using a dedicated DAC. Doing so will enhance the listening experience because of the dynamic range and detail of these special headphones.

Low Frequencies

The low frequencies of the Final Audio Sonorous VIII are beautiful! They are solid and lively and have give me a sense of strength and fortitude! They are also quick and warm! As I was listening to Jenny Lewis’s song, Late Bloomer, the bass guitar and kick drum come in with a splash. The Sonorous VIII presented it maturely. The low frequencies aren’t overemphasized, but create a strong and powerful foundation for everything to rest upon. Camp Lo’s song, Short Eyes, maintains the integrity of the super super low bass guitar’s notes. Meanwhile, the kick drum is still huge and punchy!

Middle Frequencies

The name of the game in the midrange is warmth and musicality. For example, I listened to the piano in Brahm’s Piano Sonata No. 3 in F Minor, Op. 5: III Scherzo, allegro energico. It showed perfectly how the beauty of the Final Audio Sonorous VIII’s quickness and warmth contributes to the emotional impact of the music. Especially at the beginning of the song, the quick little movements of all the fingers come through with beautiful detail! However it is not sterile or flat. Rather, the midrange is coated with lushious smoothness. This smoothness covers the entire midrange, but also gives a little bit of a bump in the low-mids.

High Frequencies

The highs are spacious and have great detail on the Final Audio Sonorous VIII! While listening to DJ Jazzy Jeff’s song Come On featuring Dave Ghetto, the high hat, claps, and snare all feel upfront without harshness at all. The highs reveal so many tiny details that you might just notice something you never did before. For example, I was listening to the song I Don’t Want to Talk about It Now by Emmylou Harris and I could even hear some of the quiet hiss on the electric guitar amp in between parts.


The soundstage of the Final Audio Sonorous VIII is absolutely fantastic! It is spacious and detailed, yet maintains intimacy. One song that portrayed this soundstage well was Ani DiFranco’s song Zizzing featuring Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver). The bells and chimes to the back, the guitars to the side, and the room of the drums all felt realistic and lively. There are so many hidden treats back in space in this tune, and you can really hear them all with wonderful detail with the Sonorous VIIII. It was such a treat listening to this song with these cans.

Overview – Final Audio Sonorous VIII Headphone Review

Overall, the Final Audio Sonorous VIII is an elegant and dazzling set of headphones. Not only do they look good and feel good, but they are beautifully detailed and warm at the same time. Any audiophile with the cash ($2999.00) would be lucky and smart to pick up a pair of these headphones.

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Final Audio Sonorous VIII Best Audiophile Headphones

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