Final Audio E4000 vs E3000 Review, Worth the $95 Difference?

Final Audio E4000 vs E3000 Review

With the release of two new in-ear buds at least $100 over the E300- and E2000, Final Audio’s got me wondering exactly how much this jump in price is worth. Find out in our Final Audio E4000 vs E3000 Review

Final Audio E4000 vs E3000 Review, Worth the $95 Difference?

Final Audio E4000 vs E3000 Review- Build & Design

These two buds may look strikingly similar, but that $95 difference was put top making the E4000 that much more durable. The cable is double wire, so I guess that means it’s twice as durable as the E3000. It is also built with an MMCX connection making the cord detachable and able to be swapped out and possible made wireless with the Westone or Shure BT cable.

Final Audio E4000 vs E3000 Review – Fit

The fit on both of these earbuds are pretty standard in that both are designed with the same slender earbud housing. The E3000 is a stainless steel mesh housing while the E4000’s housing is a highly rigid machined aluminum housing. The E3000 is also available with an in-line controller for a $8 more.

Final Audio E4000 vs E3000 Review – Performance & Sound Stage

At around $55 the E3000 provides a listening experience unexpected by the relatively affordable earbud. The lows are rich and entertaining while the mids are warm and full of articulation. The highs shine without becoming too bright – overall making for a very pleasant and impressive listening experience. In direct comparison to the E4000, some of its shortcomings rear their ugly heads. The soundstage on the E4000 is what truly makes the difference, IMHO. The E3000 holds down its open surprisingly wide soundstage, but its slim in comparison to that of the E4000 where I find the tracks to be far more open than in the E3000 and this reveals a fuller, deeper, lovely, and overall richer sound especially when listening to orchestral arrangements and movie scores. Literally, I heard choruses and strings (and brass) instruments far into the background that I hadn’t picked up when listening to the E3000. The highs also shimmer with ease over the rest of the music without coming off as bright at all. Once I switched back, I found myself straining to hear those hidden gems. I found this especially apparent when listening to “Wicked Game” by Ursine Vulpine featuring Annaca and “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman OTS sung by Loren Allred by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. If you don’t know what you’re missing the surprisingly rich bass from the E3000 will keep you satisfied.

Final Audio E4000 vs E3000 Review – Overview

The E3000 can definitely hold its own. It fits comfortably, is lightweight, and sounds pretty awesome offering detail with some depth across the entire frequency range all for a mere $54.90. However, if you can spare an additional $95, do it for the added brilliance and life in the $149 E4000. It’s also more durable and offers the ability to detach and swap out the cable. Yippee!

E3000 available at Audio46 and Amazon.

E4000 available at Audio46.

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Final Audio E4000 vs E3000 Review – Specs

Specs E4000 E3000
Driver 6.4mm 6.4mm
Connector MMCX Non-detachable
Sensitivity 97 dB 100 dB
Impedance 15 ohms 16 ohms

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