Linsoul Tin Hifi T4 Review

Linsoul Tin Hifi T4 Review faceplate detail

Just announced from earphone behemoth Linsoul, the new Tin Hifi T4 will be available through Indiegogo starting today, November 11th.  Now a unit has graced my desk, and it’s calling out to be reviewed like that possessed slot machine in the Twilight Zone episode.  But how good can this $79 IEM sound?  And how does it compare to other Tin Hifi models?

Linsoul Tin Hifi T4 Review

Linsoul Tin Hifi T4 Review with cable

The Tin Hifi T4 comes in a cardboard box that holds the earphones, a carrying case, a removable cable, and seven pairs of eartips.

Like other models in the Tin family, the T4 features a design that allows the cable to be looped over the back of the ear or hanging straight down.  However, the included cable features memory wire for over-ear wearing.  Despite this, it appears evident that Linsoul went out of their way to match the T4 with a fairly robust cable.

Utilizing an MMCX connection, the cable measures a standard 4 ft (1.2 m) and feels fairly robust.  It terminates in a 3.5 mm stereo plug.

The earpieces sport an aluminum housing, with a single 10mm dynamic driver in each.   While not as complicated as other earphone designs, this simple approach proves the old adage true:  it  ain’t  what you got, it’s how you use it.

For my listening sessions, I paired this earphone with my iPhone 8, as well as a modded iPod hooked up to a pocket amp.  While this earphone sounds just fine with my mobile, I can promise that a little bit of amplification goes a loooooong way with T4.

Fit is dreamlike, and extremely comfortable.   Lately I’ve been less interested in memory wire cables, but the T4 remains light and comfortable during even the longest listening session.

Linsoul Tin Hifi T4 Review included accessories

Linsoul Tin Hifi T4 Review – Sound Quality

Low End

In the lows, the T4 offers a fairly surprising sound for a Tin Hifi model.  While I was expecting a distinct lack of bass and low-end detail, the sound of the T4 dashes these preconceptions.   Instead, there’s just a little weight and substance to these lows.  Rock, hip-hop, and electronica feel decent, even if they could benefit from just a little extra bass.  However, these lows never seem too overblown or out of proportion.  I should also mention here that I found the sound here to improve by using the supplied foam eartips.  While you could use the silicon tips to similar effect, the T4 seems to retain a little more bass impact using the foam tips.

Linsoul Tin Hifi T4 Review from above


The mids likewise feel highly detailed, with excellent contrast and sharpness.  Instrumentation in this part of the frequency range sounds precise and well controlled.  Vocals sound more intimate, though, like they’ve been separated from surrounding notes in the mids.  This results in a very intimate sound, and one I never would have expected from an earphone this cheap.

Linsoul Tin Hifi T4 Review with ipod

High End

During my first listening session, I was worried that the Tin T4 felt a little bright in the highs.   However, repeated listening sessions and a modicum of amplification reveal a fairly impressive and accurate high end.  With hi-res tracks featuring strings or female vocals, this earphone captures the full gamut of sound.  From the percussive twang of an acoustic guitar to Patti Griffin’s straining chorus on Tony, the T4 delivers an immaculate listening experience you won’t soon forget.

Linsoul Tin Hifi T4 Review in hand


Here’s the real kicker for the T4:  surprisingly good soundstage.  Even for an IEM.  And even more impressive when considering the sub-$100 price tag.  As mentioned before, there’s some real clarity and separation here.   Exploding different layers in each track, this results in a three dimensional sound that feels as intricate as it does lifelike.  If you’re looking for the kind of soundstage that places you in the middle of a world of sound, and preciously close to the sound of artists and their instruments, this is what you want.

Linsoul Tin Hifi T4 Review plug

Linsoul Tin Hifi T4 Review – Conclusion

Pros and Cons

Pros:  Solid sound, good detail, and an impressive sense of soundstage make this earphone a fairly awesome budget buy.   Adding to this, comfort feels top-notch.

Cons:  Foam tips are needed to bring out the most of the T4’s bass impact.

Linsoul Tin Hifi T4 Review faceplate detail

Final Analysis

For a mere $79, the Linsoul Tin Hifi T4 offers a steal of a deal.  While this earphone might have been designed to sound just a shade bassier, the truth is, it’s still almost perfect.  With it’s wide, sweeping soundstage and impressive detail, it’s the kind of earphone you just don’t want to put down.  Our take?   Truly a beautiful bargain.

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