Noble Audio Announces the Sultan


Noble Audio has announced the Sultan, which is their latest addition to the flagship line of in-ear monitors crafted by the Wizard.

Boasting 7 drivers hybrid setup, the Sultan an employs a 10mm dynamic driver for the lows, 4 balanced armature drivers for the mids, and 2 electrostatic super tweeters for the highs. The Sultan’s sound signature is apparently “Sublime.” You can expect a tight yet extended bass, detailed mids and highs that are easy on the ears.

The Sultan sports CNC’d aluminum housing that incorporates a handcrafted acrylic faceplate, wax screen, ergonomic design, and industry standard 2-pin sockets.

The new Sultan of Sound will feature all new packaging, which will include a Nanuk 903 case (arguably the best impact case produced).

The Noble Audio Sultan is available to get here:

Audio 46

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