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iPhone 7 Black iOS 10

All The iPhone 7 Updates Besides The Lightning Jack

By now you've heard extensively about iPhone 7 's loss of the standard 3.5 mm port for a Lightning jack. But we thought we'd...
NAD C388 Hybrid Digital Amplifier

New NAD C388 Hybrid Digital Amplifier and More

New Acoustic Dimensions is home to a multitude of tech audio products ranging from turntables to record players. With amplifiers being the staple of the...
ADEL earphones

ADEL Earphones Reduce Hearing Loss While Increasing Volume

Update 11/14/2016: ADEL Earphones are now available via Indiegogo at a fraction of the cost thanks to their new model ADEL Drum with Bionic...

New Release Audeze iSine and LCD i3, Sept 1 Launch

Sound the alarm! Audeze will announce details on their new in-ear headphones September 1 - the Audeze iSine and LCD i3. New Release Audeze iSine...
Best Wireless Earbuds Beyerdynamic Byron BT

Beyerdynamic Byron BTA Wireless Review

Beyerdynamic has released their Byron In-Ear line which is exciting because this heralds Beyerdynamic's entrance into the wireless In-Ear market. This release comes with...

HiFiMAN SuperMini Portable Player Has Arrived

Rich audio has never been more convenient. Iterating its predecessor (HM901) in sound, but not size here's HiFiMan SuperMini hi-res portable player. HiFiMAN SuperMini Portable...

SpicaBand: Fitness Tracker, Wireless Earbuds, and MP3

Every wearable you'll ever need is all rolled into one simple piece of arm candy. Meet SpicaBand - a fitness tracker, wireless earbuds, and...
Isolate Titanium Earplugs

Meet Isolate Titanium Earplugs

We often wear headphones to turn the world out, but sometimes it'd be nice to turn the world off. That being said, meet Isolate...

3D Sound One Module Makes Your Headphones 3D

This tiny tracking unit promises to provide 3D audio to any pair of headphones. Meet 3D Sound One Module by 3D Sound Labs. 3D Sound One...
Beyerdynamic A20 Amplifier Review

Beyerdynamic A20 Amplifier Review

Elegant in it's simplicity, the Beyerdynamic A20 is a heavy desktop amp perfect for your headphone use.  Priced at $599, it's neither too expensive...
Shure SE535 Review

Shure SE535 Review

The Shure SE535 isn't a new earphone - it's been on the market for six years.  During that time, though, it has remained a...

PUMP Zeus Headphones, Designed for EDM Lovers

If beats are made for bass heads, unce-unce lovers deserve something too! Meet PUMP headphones for EDM lovers. PUMP Zeus Headphones, Designed for EDM Lovers This...

strauss and Wagner em205

Campfire Audio Fathom In-Ear Montiors

Strauss & Wagner Cologne 2-pin upgrade cable

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