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Chord Mojo 2 Vs FiiO Q7 DAC/Amp Review

Chord Mojo 2 Vs FiiO Q7 DAC/Amp Review

Both FiiO and Chord are market leaders in the world of portable and desktop DAC/amps. Recently, Chord and FiiO have released DAC/amps that fall...

Chord Electronics Unveil New ULTIMA PRE 3 Preamplifier

Coming off of the well-received Mojo 2, Chord is already looking to their next venture with their latest pre-amp. This brand new analog system...

Chord Company Unveils First Ever Power Blocks

Chord Company is known for providing high-end power accessories for a variety of audio systems. They have 38 years of manufacturing expertise and are...

Chord Mojo 2 Review

One of the most anticipated releases of the past few years in the audiophile world has definitely been the Mojo 2 from Chord Electronics....

Chord Reveals Mojo 2

Chord Electronics has finally giving the Mojo its much deserved update. Almost seven years after Chord Electronics created the high-end portable DAC genre, the...
Chord Electronics Anni Desktop Amplifier Review 1

Chord Electronics Anni Desktop Amplifier Review

Today we’ll be looking at Chord Electronics' new amplifier, the Anni. The Anni is a desktop amp for headphones and loudspeakers, coming in at...

Chord Reveals Anni Desktop Amplifier With Ultima Technology

It's been a while since we've seen a new release from Chord. Since the Mojo was discontinued, what we were going to see next...

Chord Company Announces GroundARAY Noise-Reduction Technology

Chord Company has announced a major new development of its proprietary ARAY noise-reduction technology with the introduction of its GroundARAY family of grounding devices....

Chord Releases 2yu Digital Interface

Last year, Chord revealed the 2yu digital interface. It's designed to transform Hugo 2 into a fully featured Wi-Fi- and Ethernet-enabled device, bringing the...
Chord Company DIN Guide

Chord Releases Free DIN Guide

The question has crossed every audiophile’s mind - how do I make this sound better?  The answer may lie in your cables.  The folks over at...
Cobalt vs Mojo Comparison Review Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt vs Chord Mojo Comparison Review

Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt vs Chord Mojo Comparison Review

The new release of the Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt has many folks in the audiophile world curious about its skill. With so many upgrades in...
Chord Electronics Etude

New Release Chord Electronics Etude

Chord Electronics Etude is a new Choral Series power amplifier that is bound to astound. The new addition was announced as of Wednesday by...

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