Silent Angel Reveals Bonn N8 Pro Premium Audio Network Switch

Silent Angel is known for its hi-fi streaming, which has provided innovative ways to stream your music in the best ways possible. Better sound quality is their ultimate goal and with the new Bonn N8 Pro, they aim to deliver a new network switch built for audiophiles.

Enhanced with interference-reduction and clock-precision techniques, the Bonn N8 Pro is dedicated to optimizing sensitive high-frequency audio system networks. Cable organization also becomes easier thanks to the widened 5mm space between each of the eight 1um-gold plated GbE ports, allowing better signal and usability.

By adopting a Radar Grade power module, a highly efficient DC/DC converter, and a low-rippled LDO regulator circuit on the power board, the Bonn N8 Pro presents a low 28mV(Vp-p) power signal when compared to regular switches who present at 122mV(Vp-p). Moreover, users can see one of Silent Angel’s signature features, a high-permeability EMI absorber, that is effectively embedded within the entire power board to diminish electronic noise (ranges from 1M to 18GHz).

Another feature of the Bonn N8 Pro that outperforms other switches is its impressive clock precision. Specialized with 0.1ppm with high thermal stability, the advanced model Bonn N8 Pro-CLK uses a BNC interface 10MHz world clock input that further synchronizes the clock signals.


⦁ Gold-plated 1000Mbps Ethernet port*8.
⦁ Power input (AC) IEC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, (DC) 12V/08A at max.
⦁ Upgrade with Silent Angel Forester F2 linear power is available.
⦁ 10 Watts maximum power consumption.
⦁ Clock input switch, (internal) Silent Angel’s specialized 0.1ppm TCXO, (external) BNC interface 10MHz world clock.
⦁ Ground connector, to connect to an external ground box or ground.
⦁ LED indicator switch, manually control the on/off status of LAN ports

The Silent Angel Bonn N8 Pro will be available on March 31st. You can find more information on their website here.

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