Westone Wx Wireless Earphone Review

Westone Wx Wirless Earphones

Westone’s 60 year legacy as a leader of in-ear monitors means they know how to make a great earphone. This time, they are introducing the Wx, their only earphone made specifically for Bluetooth thus far. Their $149 Bluetooth cable, which came out a few years ago, can convert any of their models into a pair of wireless earphones. Wx is now the most affordable way to take advantage of Westone’s technology while freeing yourself from the leash of a wire. Today, I’m going to open the box and perform a full Westone Wx wireless earphone review.

Westone Wx Wireless Earphone Review

In the Box

In the box you’ll find the Westone Wx earphones, a convenient carrying case and a charging USB cable. There are also 6 pairs of silicon and 6 pairs of foam ear tips, and Westone’s Quickstart Guide.


As I take the headphones out of the box, they feel durable as can be. The flat cable is also detachable, so there’s no worry of it getting yanked, torn, or knotted with itself.


It took me a minute to figure out how to put the Wx earphones in my ears but once I did, they fit amazingly well! I have a terrible time trying to find earphones that work with the shape of my ears but these fit perfectly. They felt secure and comfortable, like I could run, jump, or head bang to some metal without losing a bud from my ear.


The Westone Wx easily connected to my iPhone. To test the connectivity, I walked as far away as I could (about 30 feet) and the earphones were still receiving great quality signal from my phone. Westone estimates the full range is 32 feet (10m). Playback lasts for a solid 8 hours.

Other Features

Noise Isolation

When I put the earphones in my ears, I immediately noticed the noise isolation. The Wx’s immediately drowned out the sound around me and I was able to listen at a comfortable volume to my music. This is another testament to the secure fit. 

Bluetooth 4.0

Bluetooth has a reputation for degrading the sound quality of your headphones, but these sounded clear and accurate! They connect using the aptX codec (a higher quality codec for Bluetooth–see Sade’s article about it here).

Microphone and Remote

The Wx’s Bluetooth cable includes a microphone and remote for easy control over your music and phone. You can answer and end calls, pause and play your music, skip to the next song and adjust the volume. 



A single balanced armature driver inside the Westone Wx helps give these in-ears a full range of bass. As a result, the bass felt full and warm. I wouldn’t describe it as punchy but it had a smoothness to it that was quite aesthetically pleasing. 


The mid-range felt full as well. There seemed to be a small bump both between 400Hz-600Hz and somewhere around 3kHz. And while this response might make you think they would lose clarity, both the vocal and the bass still have plenty of space without overpowering anything. The mid-range benefits from the warmth of the earphones overall, avoiding all harshness.


High frequencies in the Wx are clear, but not particularly airy. Room microphones and reverbs sound great and give the earphones depth. 

The low frequencies and the high frequencies are the main aspects that differ from the higher end models. But the cash savings are so significant, that I think most folks commuting with these earphones would be willing to forgive the shortcomings.

Sound stage

The sound stage felt especially nice when listening to orchestral music. Left and right width was present, although the top to bottom imaging felt a little bit weak.


For $179.99, the Westone Wx Wireless Earphones are a great deal! Westone’s attention to detail in the shape of the ear alone makes these earphones worth it. But beyond that, the sound is good, the headphones will last a lifetime, and you’ll get to enjoy your music from anywhere with the convenient, high end aptX and Bluetooth 4.0 setup.


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Westone Wx Bluetooth Earphones