Advanced Model 3 IEM Review

I love when my boss throws an obscure brand of IEMs on my desk to review. It’s like a Christmas surprise. You never know which up and coming headphone company will be the next winner. So, I was very pleased to discover Advanced Sound Group. Based on this model, it’s clear that the brand offers a big bang for your buck. At just under $40, what can you expect in terms of sound and design? Let’s find out in this Advanced Model 3 IEM Review.

Advanced Model 3 IEM Review


The Model 3 is a classic IEM, designed with an over-ear memory wire and shells that fit snugly in the contours of your ear. The ergonomics on this particular model are great. I not only found them comfortable to wear for long listening sessions, but the sound isolation is good too. And there aren’t too many IEM style earphones at this price point. Included in the box, you’ll also find a bunch of eartips (including foam) in different sizes.


The Model 3 employs a single dynamic driver and has a frequency range of 20Hz – 40kHz. But specs can often be misleading. So, let’s see how these numbers translate to sound below. These buds are also pretty easy to drive, with an impedance of 16 Ohms and a sensitivity of 100dB.

The build quality may be nothing to write home about, as the casing isn’t solid; the plastic shell is divided into two parts. But that’s to be expected for an IEM at this price point. And having said that, the MMCX cable is detachable. Since the cable is usually the first thing to go, it’s a nice option to have. And if you ever want to upgrade your sound, you can always replace the cable with one that’s higher in quality. Hey, you can even turn the Model 3 into a Bluetooth IEM. Knock yourself out. (The included cable also has a mic fro calls).



Warm and punchy, this is my favorite low-end profile. And considering the price tag, the Model 3 certainly pulls it off with style. The forward leaning bass lends plenty of impact to pop tracks. And there’s enough subbiness to handle hip-hop tracks as well. The warmth of the lows also gives rock and pop-rock tracks a rich and fleshy feel. It may not be the tightest or most controlled bass in the world, but some folks may actually dig fatness that it produces. Listening to cellos in this range, there was more smoothness than detail. So this isn’t a particularly nuanced IEM, and it probably works best with modern genres.


Good presence in this range, and the upper mids feel a tad emphasized. As a result, vocals tend to sit forward in the mix on most tracks. The balance in this range works particularly well for snare hits. They really stick out in the mix, smacking you in the face and adding tons of energy to the track. And in general, these buds feel pretty fast. It’s certainly a vibrant IEM. Transparency in this range isn’t bad either. String instruments, for example, revealed enough substance to warrant the price tag. Listening to guitar strums in the lower mids, there was a little muddiness, but as the instrument moved into the higher frequencies the separation became cleaner. 


The sound signature leans on the darker side. So, the highs are a little rolled off, and you won’t get much sparkle or crispness when listening to percussion. But on the flip side, this sound signature is easy on the ears. And those who are easily fatigued by high frequencies will find the Model 3 ideal for long listening sessions. 


A spacious soundstage for the price. You’ll also hear quite a bit of dimension in terms of depth and height. And though the precision of the imaging isn’t mind blowing, you will still get somewhat of a holographic feel in tracks with heavy arrangements.


For the price, I’m quite impressed with these little buds. The warm and energetic sound signature is a damn good time, especially with respect to pop music. And the soundstage is solid too. Of course, at this price point, you can’t expect a tremendous amount of clarity. And the Model 3 may not be the best option for those who listen to a lot of acoustic genres. But if you’re a budding audiophile on a tight budget, and you’re in the market for your first pair of IEMs with a detachable cable, the Advanced Model 3 is a great place to start.

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