Best Lightning Earphones For The iPhone 14

If you’ve been following tech news at all this week, you may have seen that there’s a brand new iPhone. Earlier this week, Apple announced its latest flagship line of smartphones with the iPhone 14 in all of its variations. When thinking about the iPhone as a music device, one question is always bound to come up. Does this new iPhone have a headphone jack? The answer is no, unfortunately. For now, the iPhone is sticking with its lightning connection that we have become familiar with for many years now. You used to be provided with a set of Apple’s lightning earbuds with every iPhone, but those have been taken away as well.

Bluetooth earbuds are more common nowadays, especially Apple’s own Airpods which they announced a new version of along with the iPhone 14. However, there are still those who may wish to use a wired set of earphones with their smartphone, and you may not be aware of all the options out there for lightning connections. Of course, you can use an adapter, but there are also some affordable lightning earphones that we can inform you about. Here are a few options to look over.

Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headset

You’re probably familiar with Sennheiser’s brand for its excellent catalog of headphones of all kinds. From professional studio headphones to some of the best Bluetooth earphones, anything with their name is always going to be a safe bet. The AMBEO is their straight-to-lightning earphone, and it is quite a special one. You might know the AMBEO name used before for Sennheisier’s soundbars, as these earphones come with a ton of special features like 3D audio. If you don’t want to miss out on Apple Music’s Dolby Atmos tracks, the AMBEO is a good pick if you choose to go wired. These earphones also have full IOS integration, as well as other notable features like NoiseGard ANC, and transparent hearing. For only $49.95, it is going to be hard to find a richer experience in wired lightning earphones than with the AMBEO Smart Headset.

Belkin SoundForm

Unlike Sennheiser, Belkin might not be a brand you are familiar with, but they have been around for a while. Although these aren’t as flashy as the AMBEO, the SoundForm is great for delivering a solid sound experience with no fuss. Its flat cable keeps the earphones from tangling, and its fit is snug and supportive, keeping the housing from falling out of your ears. The SoundForm is a budget-friendly earphone that costs only $29.35 for the white version and $41.14 for the black. With this price, you may assume the SoundForm is just a cheap set of earphones, but Belkin makes sure they’re built to last for even more added value. A simple but effective choice.

Strauss & Wagner SI201 

Strauss and Wagner is sort of a favorite here at MajorHiFi, and they have their own set of lightning earphones. These are more like the Belkin in that they’re built to last with an aluminum housing and a stainless steel nozzle. One of its advantages, though, is its bass response, bolstered by a 10mm dynamic driver. The SI201 has an impactful low-end signature that is both quick and gratifying. With a comfortable fit and a great price of $49.95, the SI201 shouldn’t be missed out on.

Pioneer Rayz Plus

You might be looking for more options like the Sennheiser AMBEO Headset, and the Rayz Plus from Pioneer is the closest option to it. There are actually two versions of these earphones, the Plus and the original. The Plus is a bit more money at $59.99, with the original at $49.99, but when choosing between the two, I would say the Plus is worth the extra ten bucks. With the Plus you get a ton of features, like noise-cancelation, auto-pause, and much more. All of this is selectable too, as the Rayz Plus is one of the few wired earphones to come with a companion app. Add in one of the better housing designs for a set of lightning earphones, and the Rayz Plus becomes a no-brainer.

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones 

So far, these choices have come well below the hundred-dollar range. While it is necessary to point out all the great budget options you can get, there is one pricier option that is well worth mentioning. 1More is a brand that has a lot of positive traction from Amazon, and one of their best-wired options is a lightning-wired earphone. Just like its name describes, these earphones are one of the few to feature multiple drivers. One titanium dynamic driver and two balanced armatures aim to give you more IEM-like sound quality. It also comes with a built-in high-res DAC to enjoy Apple’s lossless music at a higher level. They cost a lot more than these other options at $209, but you’d be hard-pressed to find another lighting earphone with this level of quality.

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