Bragi The Headphone Cheaper Than The Dash

Update 12/20/2016: Bragi The Headphone is delayed. The German Company initially promised a November release, however demand for the product exceeded their expectations and was pushed back to early December and finally before advising pre-orders of The Headphone will not be here in time for Christmas.

German-based audio company Bragi was one of the first companies to create a pair of truly wireless earbuds and subsequently becoming one of the more better-known names in wireless buds. Bragi launched via Kickstarter earning a whopping $3.3 million. Although the Dash unveiled with some kinks – nothing different from that of other truly wireless makes – Bragi is back with a cheaper alternative that is just as freeing, Bragi The Headphone.

Bragi The Headphone Cheaper Than The Dash

At a pre-order price tag of $119, Bragi The Headphone is still very much like the Dash, but with fewer fancy features. It ditches the smart swipe and tap controls for three buttons. Although few, the available buttons are able to adjust volume, switch back and forth between tracks as well as take calls. The ear buds are not able to store additional songs nor does it feature fitness tracking or a rechargeable case. However, a trade off of 6 hours of battery life is pretty nice. One of the top issues concerning truly wireless buds are lifespan in addition to connectivity issues. Bragi says they’ve greatly improved on both.

Bragi The Headphone

The Headphone also posses a cool feature titled audio transparency which gives users the option to allow ambient noise in through their buds. Bragi The Headphone will ship to those who pre-order in November and will begin retailing at that time at a price of $149.

The Headphone was not the only big news from Bragi. They announced a second generation Dash which should also improve upon battery life and connectivity issues.

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