CanJam NYC 2018 AKG Deals

CanJam NYC 2018 AKG Deals
AKG 3003i

Trade shows and conventions aren’t only for trying on new headphones, they’re also for snagging goods at a very good price. CanJam NYC is right around the corner and you should be delighted to know, there are incredible savings to be had. Find these sales in our “CanJam NYC 2018 AKG Deals” article.

CanJam NYC 2018 AKG Deals

Our insiders at AKG have dropped a few gems on the phenomenal deals they’ll be hosting during the third weekend in February. If you think about it, these events present companies with an ideal time to reach new customers and thank those who’ve been loyal and what better way to do so than by saving their customers some coin?!

Anyway, here’s what you came for. The AKG 3003i, originally listed at $999, will be retailing for significantly less than the aforementioned price. We aren’t able to talk real numbers, but expect a discount greater than 50% off. There will also be a considerable decrease in the list price of AKG N90 Quincy Jones Limited Edition Headphones, you know the ones that retail for $1500. Well, you’ll see a markdown of 30 percent or so.


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