Empire Ears Announce ODIN and HERO

Empire Ears Odin flagship

Empire Ears has been designing some of the snazziest IEMs around, and now they’ve announced two new pairs to join the club: The ODIN and HERO. The ODIN itself has been in development since 2017, with beta models appearing at various events throughout the years. Now the wait is over, and Empire Ears are ready to show off their brand new flagship IEM to the public.

Empire Ears Odin design

ODIN will contain an eleven driver tribrid featuring two new W9plus subwoofers and an increased coil diameter meant for more impact and extension. More to these drivers is a 5 balanced armature with quadruple electrostatic single transformer design, and seven-way crossover.

Stormbreaker designed cable

Empire has collaborated with manufacturers such as PW Audio, and Pentacon for the production of the ODIN’s Stormbreaker cable.

Empire Ears Hero Earphone

Let’s not forget about the Hero. As Empire aspires the ODIN to be the evolution of their flagship high-end IEMs, the Hero is an acknowledgment of the audiophiles that can’t afford the pricy nature of flagship models. With the Hero, Empire strives to create a more affordable IEM without the loss of fidelity. The drivers contain a W9plus single and 3 balanced armatures, and according to Empire will not reduce bass impact or extension.

The ODIN will be priced at $3,399, and the Hero for $1,349.

The Odin and Hero are available at Audio 46

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