HeartField Deer Review

We are continuing to cover a variety of ChiFi brands that you may not be too familiar with. Recently I covered the TRN BAX which really surprised me, and I’m hoping the Deer by HeartField can do the same. This is a Chinese brand that doesn’t have the biggest selection but have appeared on Linsoul. An IEM that goes for $169 can either make a great impact or get lost in the shuffle. Let’s see how the Deer holds up to its competition.

What You Get

  • Deer IEMs
  • 2-pin 3.5mm cable
  • 3 sizes of ear tips
  • Warranty card

HeartField single

Look and Feel

One of the Deer’s most impressive attributes is its flashy design. Its front plates use precisely 198 pieces of gem-like crystals with custom-made screws. This design is completely artisan-made, like a piece of jewelry. The Deer carries a bling factor that not a whole lot of IEMs have, especially with such a low price. A flashy aesthetic means nothing for an IEM without a great fit, and thankfully the Deer is also very comfortable. Its housing appears like the perfect size, fitting right in your ear cavity without any long-term fatigue.

HeartField Cable


The Deer uses a single 6.8mm dynamic driver with a composite diaphragm for a more stable signal flow. Its detachable cable is a silver-plated copper with 0.78 2-pin prongs and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

  • Sensitivity: 108dB
  • Impedance: 16ohm
  • Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20000Hz

HeartField Faceplate


With HeartField I have no frame of reference for what to expect, and that’s always a great feeling. My initial impressions of the sound signature started with the soundstage, and I wasn’t disappointed. The left and right channels are perfectly spaced out and extend to a shoulder length. Some elements in the hardest panned regions can even feel like they are in the open air, exceeding past the earphone’s shell. Its width is its most impressive quality, and even though I would mainly classify this soundstage as linear, it also offers some good dimensions. There’s an outward presentation to the instruments that don’t wrap around all that much but gives you just enough separation in its layers to bring you into the Deer’s environment.

Low End

There’s a strong wow factor to the bass of the Deer. When considering the price point, this IEM delivers a ton of low-end detail and clarity to be enthralled by. The frequencies in the mid-bass instantly grip you with their quick transient response, with kick drums pounding at the center of your skull, and bass guitar progressions adding meat to the timbre. Sub-bass frequencies also have a strong presence but offer more support to the lows than add their own vibrating textures. You get a good idea of what the sub-bass is doing, but the fun is in the mid-bass.


If there’s one characteristic these midrange frequencies share, it’s drive. When you listen to the Deer, it’s hard to miss the energy and power that these frequency bands possess. Its presentation is wonderfully clear, harboring in full instrumentals and vocal performances without any compromise. Listening to the Deer with my Dragonfly Black definitely helps, but through any DAC, the mids should still give you an accurate representation of the mix while texturing some bands with an exciting tone. Hard rock, metal, and punk tracks feel like this IEMs bread and butter.


While the Deer can venture into some piercing tones, the treble adds a solid shine to the sound signature. Some sparkle gets through with cymbals and bells, but other instruments can resonate a bit too harshly. I didn’t mind the peakiness in most cases, but I can see where others might take some issue with its timbre. It’s a response that’s not afraid to show some bite, which is a characteristic I appreciated about the Deer, as it added more for me than it subtracted.


The HeartField Deer is another impressive ChiFi IEM that comes at a great price. The sound signature is rich and wide and stands out from its competition with its power. Its drive contrasts its flashy design really nicely too, bringing you one of the most aesthetically stylish IEMs around today. For $169 I think the Deer is a no-brainer, especially if you’re a fan of more aggressive genres.

The HeartField Deer is available from Linsoul.

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