IFI iSilencer 3.0 Review

IFI iSilencer 3.0 Review

For a tiny USB dongle costing $49, IFI’s iSilencer 3.0 talks a big game – simultaneously claiming to stop noise dead, while offering a cleaner, more balanced sound.  So is it all just smoke and mirrors, or is the hype real?

IFI iSilencer 3.0 Review

IFI iSilencer 3.0 Review

The iSilencer comes in a neat little box with a warranty/instruction sheet.

It’s small and slim – enough so that it doesn’t block any other USB ports once it’s plugged in.  There is an LED light on the top of the apparatus that lights up once it’s connected.

Utilizing a USB 3.0 connection, it is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 ports.


  • Super-Speed USB 3.0 (and USB2.0 backwards compatible)
  • USB 3.0 gold-plated connectors

With such lean specifications, the unit pretty much speaks for itself – compatible with either 3.0 or 2.0 ports, and utilizing gold-plating for better fidelity.


The iSilencer 3.0 vastly improved the quality of sound pouring out of my computer.  While the DAC I’m using for this review was relatively quiet before pairing it with the iSilencer, it now sounds even less noisy.  There’s a heightened sense of definition, and the sound is definitely more balanced.


As noted in the specs section, the USB 3.0 connection is backwards compatible with 2.0 ports.  It’ll offer equally stunning results plugged into your homemade behemoth PC or that janky 2011 laptop you’re (I’m) still lugging around.

Other Observations

Sound is much, much cleaner.  And at $49, this accessory is a must-have that won’t brutalize the bank.

Paired with a low- or mid-tier DAC, the results are phenomenal.  Of course, if you’re a stickler for having the utmost in sound quality, you could always pair the iSilencer with the iDSD Micro Black Edition DAC (also from IFI).

Final Analysis

Cheap and wonderfully effective, the IFI iSilencer 3.0 is a tiny accessory with big applications.  It’s the perfect little knickknack for any audiophile, simultaneously boosting clarity while balancing sound for a richer experience.  Move over, Sliced Bread.

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