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The Cocobolo Audio Machine – Grado Labs GH2 Limited Edition Headphone Review

The audio wizards at Grado Labs are at it again with a new headphone in the Heritage Series. The latest model is the GH2...

New Release Grado GH2 Headphones

Grado, the open-back pride and joy of New York City is launching a new headphone called the Grado GH2. New Release Grado GH2 Headphones Like the...

John Grado Receives Founder’s Award from Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society

On Monday, John Grado, the visionary behind beautifully hand-crafted open-back headphones, received the Founder's Award from Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society. John Grado...

Grado PS1000e Review

I have to be careful what songs I listen to when I'm using the Grado PS1000e.  No sooner have I put on some tunes than...
Grado PS500e Review

Grado PS500e Review

Here at MajorHifi, we're not-so-closeted fans of Grado headphones.  So naturally we jumped at the chance to sit down with the Grado PS500e professional-series...
Grado IGE Review

Grado IGE Review

The Grado IGE is a new in-ear model crashing onto the headphone scene with a price of $99.  The first Grado earphone to sport...
Grado GS2000e Review

Grado GS2000e Review

A new day.  A new review.  A new Grado headphone.  Things don't get much better than this, but how much better can the $1395...

New Release: Audiophile Headphone Grado GS2000e

Attention audiophiles, this is not a drill! Grado has just announced a new headphone joining their acclaimed "e" series - the Grado GS2000e. New Release: Audiophile Headphone...
Grado GR8e Review

Grado GR8e Review

The Grado GR8e occupies a middle slot among Grado's in-ear headphones.  While not as budget-minded as the newly-released IGe and not as high-end as...
Grado IGe Announced

Grado IGe Announced

Three days ago, news broke that Grado has designed and released its first iOS-enabled in-ear headphones, the Grado IGe. Grado IGe Announced Sporting an Apple iOS...

Best Open-Back Headphones Under $300 For 2024

Open-back headphones are great, but some of the most acclaimed ones can get very pricey. Big names like Audeze, HiFiMAN, and Focal provide seminal...
Top 4 Wireless Headphones for Jazz & Classical Music

Top 4 Wireless Headphones for Jazz & Classical Music

There are tons of buyer's guides for wired jazz and classical headphones on the internet. But what if you want to take Miles Davis...

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