Look Ma, No Hands: New Shure SE215 Wireless, SE112 Wireless

Shure SE215 Wireless

Finally entering the wireless wave, Shure has just announced the launch of two new Bluetooth models. Meet Shure SE215 Wireless and Shure SE112 Wireless.

Look Ma, No Hands: New Shure SE215 Wireless, SE112 Wireless

If you’re wondering about the price, it’s exciting to learn that $149 earns you Shure SE215 ear pieces, an assortment of ear tips, and Shure’s detachable Bluetooth cable (RMCE-BT1). This cable is also sold separately for $99 and is compatible with other MMCX based IEMs. This includes other Shure monitors like SE315, SE425, SE535, SE846.

If you’re looking for an economical pair of wireless buds, Shure SE112 Wireless delivers on the signature Shure sound with a fixed Bluetooth cable for $99. Regardless, both cables are equipped with an in-line remote and mic for adjusting volume, changing tracks, and taking calls.

Like their cabled-predecessors, both models offer an accurate and clean sound signature with extended bass response. Both models also attenuate ambient noise up to 37 dBs which is especially important while commuting.

As for fit, it doesn’t look like much has changed, as both models’ earbud housings are said to have retained their ergonomic shape for better sound isolation, passive noise cancellation, and an all-around comfortable fit.

Both of these models provide users with up to 8 hours of wireless connectivity over a 30 ft range, as well as control over their music and calls with an in-line remote and mic.

Sure SE112 Wireless is available for $99 on Amazon.

Shure SE215 Wireless is also on sale for $149 on Amazon.

Shure Wireless Bluetooth cable (Shure RMCE-BT1) is also available on Amazon for $99.

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