JH Audio Announces The JIMI AION Limited 200 Pieces Only

JH Audio adds another universal IEM to their growing collection, with a limited time Purple Haze design.

The AION’s offer a 7-driver configuration, Black 48” 7-pin connector and cable, Custom Engraved Round Case, and Acoustic Sound Chamber. This is their first-ever IEM in JH Audio’s upgraded design, which also boasts a newer, smaller profile shell which will be They will be numbered and include a Metal Limited Edition card engraved with the number of the IEM.

The JIMI AION series newest addition is a Sonic Tube Chassis, previously featured on Layla AION and Roxanne AION products released last year in 2019. According to JH audio, these will be in limited supply.

The JIMI AION from JH audio will be available at Audio 46

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