Meet Meters Music OV-1 Headphones

Meters Music OV-1 headphones

These headphones are really cool. Fashioned with a working volume unit meter built into the ear cup, it’s like taking a little piece of the studio with you wherever you go. Meet Meters Music OV-1 Headphones.

Meters Music OV-1 Headphones

The headphones come to you as a subsidiary of Ashdown Engineering – experts in bass amplification. And by no means is that an exaggeration as the British company has done so for Lenny Kravitz, The Who’s John Entwistle, Jon Bon Jovi, U2, System of a Down and more.

That being said, the headphones are actually produced by Ashdown, so I’m expecting some real nice bass delivery. Not overpowering, but present with depth. I can only hope, since I have not tried the headphones. But aesthetically, they are pleasing. Meters Music OV-1 headphones are over-ear and feature a cool VU meter in the ear cups that everyone else can gawk at. The meter actually works by the way, reading the output levels of your music. It’s like taking a recording studio around town with you. This requires battery power (and so does the active noise cancelling feature), so the headphone are built with a USB port and USB charging cable.

The ear cushions and headband are comprised of protein leather which is a more sustainable alternative to real leather. The material is breathable unlike real leather, reducing overheating and sweat which causes premature wear and tear on the headphones. The entire frame is lightweight and durable as it is comprised of a metal alloy.

Meters Music OV-1 headphones are available for pre-order via for $355, but if you’d rather test them out first, they’ll be making a stop at CES in January 2017.

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