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Chord Hugo M Scaler Front

New Chord Hugo M Scaler, Fresh Out of CanJam London

CanJam London did not disappoint with an exciting announcement from UK audio company, Chord Electronics. The makers of portable audio solutions DAVE, Hugo, and...
New Release Chord Hugo TT 2, Table Top DAC-Amp Munich High-End 2018

New Release Chord Hugo TT 2, Table Top DAC-Amp

The larger more sedentary version of Chord Hugo 2 is here. Chord Electronics officially launched the table-top version today at Munich High-End show. Audiophiles...
Chord Qutest DAC Review

Chord Qutest DAC Review

The idea behind Qutest was to use all the technology in Chord’s Hugo 2, but design it as a DAC only unit. If you’re...
Chord Poly GoFigure App

Chord Poly GoFigure App for Simple Set-Up, Finally

Setting up your Chord Poly hasn't always been the easiest task. So much so, we not only wrote a step-by-step article on how to...
CES 2018 New Release Chord Qutest

CES 2018 New Release Chord Qutest

Chord's delivered to us the beloved Mojo, Hugo, and the better late than never poly. Now comes another promising DAC. CES 2018 New Release Chord...
Chord Mojo with Poly

How To Setup Chord Poly – A Tutorial

The Chord Poly is a powerful device designed to turn the Mojo into a wireless headphone DAC and amplifier. But the GoFigure app is...
Chord Poly Wireless Streaming Module Review

Chord Poly Wireless Streaming Module for Mojo Review

When you mention Chord Electronics to any audiophile you automatically start a near endless conversation on all the high-end audio devices they've made over...
Chord Hugo 2 Filters Explained

Chord Hugo 2 Filters Explained for the Common Audiophile

The Chord Hugo 2 is one of the best headphone amplifiers and DACs on the market right now. Audiophiles far and wide have been...
Chord Mojo Issues George Meyer AV

Chord Mojo Issues? Find George Meyer AV for Repairs

If you're experiencing Chord Mojo issues, there's an official company repair shop and it goes by the name George Meyer AV. Chord Mojo Issues? Find George...

Chord Hugo 2 Review -The Most Anticipated DAC Headphone Amp Of The Year

Audiophiles worldwide have been biting their nails to the quick waiting for the Chord Hugo 2 portable DAC and headphone amplifier to reach the...

iFi Black Label or Chord Mojo – Which Is Better?

In the battle for the best portable headphone DAC / Amp combo two names constantly end up on top... the iFi Micro iDSD Black...

New Release: Chord Poly, Wireless Music Player for Chord Mojo

This cool new attachment allows you to stream music directly from your device through your Mojo for high-resolution sound. Meet Chord Poly wireless music...

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